How to make a beautiful mandir at home – 6 perfect examples

The Mandir or place of worship is an integral part of many Indian homes and since ancient times, people have had a separate area of the house designed to perform rituals. Depending on their economic situation, people decorate their orders with marble, coloured lamps, wood panels, and even precious metals such as gold and silver.

If you are wondering how to make a small-mandir at househere are a few ready-made designs made by interior designers that can redefine your prayer space and enhance a spirit of dedication.

  1. A simple mandir

If you are not an extreme type of custom then the simple design of the mandir on the wall unit can serve the purpose of appealing to the Almighty when you feel like it. This entire white wall unit has a large marble statue of Krishna and Radar placed in the center as well as lighting and incense lamps. The wall-unit is placed inside a wooden pillar and has drawers and a cabinet under the granite base to create a simple and easy mandir.

  1. Create a positive atmosphere

If your family has members of many religions then this form of prayer room creation can be very lasting. Beautiful wallpaper adds charm to a small room with enough space for two to three people and lots of prayer texts to help the faithful fulfill their rituals. The traditional brass lights around the twin chairs add an aura of peaceful harmony to the beautiful mandir.

  1. Traditionally and painful

The mandir is constructed as a traditional temple with a marble floor, a carved door, and an altar on the wall with statues placed on it. Beautiful columns carved in stone on the side of the idol and add an old country charm to the region. The traditional mandir room has a beautiful chandelier that matches the color of the circuit and adds a floral pattern to the ceiling.

  1. Light gold

If you have a spacious space as this is best used entirely by building stamped foundation foundations to accommodate all family photos and leave enough space to store lamps and utensils. If you can’t afford the cost then this special impact wall can be built with art glass and lamps to have a beautiful mandir in your house.

  1. Base of design and storage

If you have more information about building a proper foundation with enough space to put all the things that go along with the traditional prayer then this is a custom mandir made with colored mandir made by The Silversea the right solution. The glossy masterpiece provides a perfect backdrop for a small mandir made by closing the end of the tunnel and laying a marble base with drawers as a last resort.

  1. Take advantage of the expensive space

When you are happy to dedicate the whole room to prayer and let your art come to life. We see in front of us a marble counter extending the entire wall with wooden storage cabinets. The prayer section itself is still spread out on two level foundations with a tent built on top of it as a temple. This magnificent mandir design can be customized with your favorite design and color.

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