Commercial Interiors

Commercial spaces require interiors that are modern and user-friendly, while also being an excellent reflection of your personality. Add to that convenience, durability, affordability and magnificence, and you have your office spaces looking the best with Sun Interiors. Over the years, we have been creating magic with our expertise in commercial interiors. We specialize in designs for interiors of offices, firms, factories, malls, showrooms, and much more. We pay special attention to utilization of space, furniture placement, and walls so as to give your establishment a professional and classy look. We take pride in our design of furniture, cabinets, carpeting, ventilation, and flooring.

With speedy installation, the downtime will be very low and you can resume work within hours or a few days. We undertake new projects as well as renovation and relocation projects too. Commercial interiors require expertise and our experienced interior designers and architects at Sun Kitchens will give you the most professional service at the lowest rates. Sun Kitchens is well reputed for its commitment to quality and professionalism.


We are well known for workstation furniture that is durable and ergonomically designed. Choose from a wide variety of designs and colors to suit your office and business areas.

Conference Rooms

Sun Interiors is a leader in providing the finest & most professional looking designs for conference rooms. You can be assured of finding the most suitable & workable furniture for your conference rooms.


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Your office’s cafeteria will surely look inviting and beautiful with our furniture. Professionally designed furniture from Sun Interiors will change the look of your commercial premises in a few hours.

Training Rooms

Training room furniture from Sun Interiors is durable, professional, and suitable for all types of offices. For furniture that makes heads turn, Sun Interiors has no parallel!


Sun Interiors has a wide variety of cabinets in graceful designs for your office. We have designs that suit all budgets and office themes.